Samycon Foundation
Samycon Foundation

Samycon Foundation is a non profitable organization which is established in 2005 in Bangladesh. Samycon Foundation is registered under society Registration act 1860; by the registrar of joint stock companies Bangladesh vide registration no. S- 10232.


It was promised by a team of young and dedicated social workers to create a difference in the lives of poor and the vulnerable especially the girls, women and the children by enabling and equipping across Bangladesh. Samycon is founded in response to the needs of communities living in both Urban and rural areas to the growing need for capacity building in Bangladesh.


The overall purpose of Samycon is to provide services and support to women to receive technical skills for employment, income generation empowerment and business development.


The projects also provide connections to on-going employment education and livelihood opportunities to the socio-economic growth of women and girls and their families in Bangladesh.


Project s and Services


1-Health and Nutrition program

Health check up camps
Eye camps
Treatment Program:


2-Education Program

Education Program: Education is the back bone of a nation. We want to set fire the light of education in the society. Mainly we want to teach the education of Islam. So, we have taken that the program for the welfare of the society and satisfaction of Allah.

Scholarship program is designed to help poor but meritorious student to continue their study and encourage them to shine in their life. At present we distribute scholarship for student of college and university. For school age student we have plan to establish educational institution which will provide free and quality education.

3-Supply of Educational Equipments-

4- Income Generate program

Samycon will provide interest free grants towards the purchase of suitable products such as rickshaws, domestic animals, fishing boats, small stalls etc for unemployed and disabled people. These could be used by the individuals and their families to provide a regular source of income.


5-Others program

Tube-well Installation Program: This program is very important because the drinking water of coastal area is very bad, so we have taken that the program for safety drinking water supply to the needy people of the coastal area. 6-Winter Clothes Program: This program for those who have no ability for their clothing. When the needy people are suffering very cold and they have no ability for their clothes then we help them through winter clothing.